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Are You Concerned About the Environment?

Weather-Bos™ offer a complete line of environmentally safe architectural finishes. We are industry leaders in developing products that offer superior performance but are still environmentally safe for commercial and residential use. As business people involved with the industry, we are well aware of the challenges and pressures faced by both sides in this issue. We favor the timely closure of all toxic dumps, however we do not support the relocation of these disposal sites. Simply building and then closing these dumps one at a time will not stop the environmental damage!

We firmly believe the companies that manufacture products containing dangerous ingredients have a responsibility to develop environmentally safe products. Yes it may be difficult and expensive, but not impossible. Weather-Bos™ is one example of a manufacturer that chooses to use environmentally safe ingredients, regardless of the additional cost.

We do not envy the E.P.A.'s job of monitoring manufacturing, sale, use and disposal of the thousands of products society uses. Yet every year thousands of products are registered with the E.P.A. that contain dangerous ingredients which are then sold and used, ultimately ending up in local disposal sites. We believe the E.P.A. must take a closer look at products which are not environmentally safe.

There currently exists an unfair economic advantage for the companies who use dangerous ingredients in their products. For it is often less expensive to manufacture a product using inferior ingredients while achieving minimum results to that of a more superior, but environmentally safe product. The E.P.A. has a responsibility to either force these companies to produce environmentally safe products, or TAKE THEM OFF THE MARKET! Otherwise, the manufacturers who responsibly choose to spend the extra money and develop safe products are at an enormous disadvantage. (It is interesting to note that in our industry, the products which use the most dangerous poisons often enjoy the highest profit levels.)

Finally we are reminded that ultimately it will be we, the consumers, who decide to solve this problem. As a market-driven economy, there can be no supply without demand. By simply refusing to purchase and use the products that contain dangerous ingredients, we, the buying public, can force these companies to develop products that are environmentally safe and thus avoid the toxic dumps of the future. This will not come easy, nor will it be cheap, for it is often more expensive to make an environmentally safe product. However, we as a society must be willing to pay the extra price to ensure the safety of our families, communities and our land.

No matter how long it takes, no matter how great the cost - we, the people along with the governmental agencies - have no choice but to mandate the solutions needed or they will continue to poison the beautiful land we live on. Eliminate the toxic dumps!

Just Say No to Poisons!


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