Weather-Bos® Distributors

We are a rapidly growing company experiencing high international growth
and global demand for our superior products. As a result Weather-Bos®
manufacturing and distribution has increased throughout the world market.
We seek highly qualified companies or individuals who are interested in
taking advantage of our new miniaturization technology and superior, high
demand products. Our market is UNLIMITED, since most exterior and
interior surfaces and products require a finish or protective coating.
Included with this letter is information on our manufacturing and
distribution requirements, After reading this material, if you feel you
or your company is qualified to become a Weather-Bos™
manufacturer/distributor, please contact us.

At one time, Weather-Bos® had factory trained distributors throughout the North American market. Over the past few years these Distributors have been responsible for the restoration of thousands of projects. From this network of distributors we have established manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and international markets.

Our manufacturing facilities throughout the United States are currently seeking distributors of our complete product line.

Each of our formulas is manufactured in a non-polluting manner, using
only natural ingredients. Within the coatings industry hazardous
ingredients are among the least expensive and most widely used,
perpetuating a legacy of environmental damage for generations to come.
Here at Weather-Bos® it is our profound desire to spread the news that
environmentally-safe products can be affordable and have high performance
standards. We are proud to offer products to the global market which are
environmentally-safe and far superior to that of their polluting and
hazardous counterparts. Our company has the solutions to many of the problems
related to the depletion of natural resources as well as long term
protection for interior and exterior surfaces.

Some of the benefits include the fact that each manufacturing facility, as well as their individual dealers, conduct regularly scheduled seminars which cover product development, distribution sales, proper preparation and application procedures. Weather Bos® can supply all training and marketing materials to distributors.

Our new miniaturization technology allows us to set up highly productive
and profitable Weather Bos® licensed manufacturing facilities using
minimal equipment and labor. Our market is unlimited, since most exterior
and interior surfaces require a finish or protective coating. Weather Bos®
seeks companies or individuals who have an existing, well-established
business presence and/or knowledge of their market region, the necessary
capital and the desire to build a business for the future. When you join
with Weather Bos® you automatically benefit from many years of marketing,
research and product development. Our complete technical support provides
the ability to quickly enter local markets, while providing proven
solutions for most problems relating to the protection of interior and
exterior surfaces.

In marketing of products, 90% attitude and 10% product performance often accounts for the resulting sales. Can you imagine what the level of sales would be, if the product performance exceeded the best attitude? Contact us today to talk about this magnificent opportunity.
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"This is one of the most remarkable opportunities available in the global market today"
-Simon Breslow
CFO International Marketing Exchange
Are you ready
to open the door
to a wealth
of opportunity?
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