Licensed Manufacturing Franchises

Due to our unique miniaturization technology we are able to establish manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world inexpensively and within a short period of time. A small commercial building or storage facility can easily be used for production and storage of finished product and storage of raw materials.

There is unlimited potential and opportunity in the paint and finish industry within your market area. Manufacturers of finished products, such as furniture, wood or masonry items, are another major market. For every litre of product sold through the retail market, there are three litres used by manufacturers, contractors and secondary markets.

Globally, consumers are demanding environmentally safe, non toxic products, and are utilizing the internet to search for products such as Weather Bos™. Each month, over 50,000 people from around the world visit our 600+ page website, specifically seeking non toxic paints and finishes. These informed consumers no longer accept the traditional, highly toxic choices of paints and finishes, but are increasingly learning about and seeking the newest technology of non toxic alternatives. While the demand is high, in many existing markets these sought after, non toxic products are often not available for purchase, making the opportunity for local manufacturing of non toxic paints and finishes invaluable.

The benefits of linking your company with the proven expertise and performance of Weather Bos™ are enormous. In today's high profile global market retailers, contractors, and end users want to buy direct, not from a wholesaler or distributor. Local production allows for local ownership and control, and creates jobs within the economy. If you qualify, there are tax free zones and tax incentives available from your local government, designed to support companies that will provide new employment opportunities and locally produced consumer products for the domestic economy.

As a local Weather Bos™ manufacturer, you would also have the possibility of increasing profits by exporting product to other markets in nearby countries.

Benefits of establishing local manufacturing facilities:

1. Use of basic electricity or small generator.
2. Requires only minimal educated labor of 3 to 4 persons.
3. No spoilage or loss factor.
4. Easy storage, packaging & shipping.
5. Non toxic work environment.
6. Unrestricted source of raw material.
7. Unlimited profit & growth structure with little or no competition.
8. High volume of production in low cost facility.
9. Local identity with latest U.S. technology

Local Manufacturing vs. Importing Weather Bos™

When establishing our presence in a new market we have learned that it is more beneficial to first establish a franchised manufacturer. The procedure of purchasing a finished product, shipping and warehousing, and then reselling to a retailer or end user does not represent our present or future marketing strategy. Due to the unique Weather Bos™ franchise manufacturing program, shipping product from one of our existing facilities to your country or market area for distribution is not logistically or economically cost effective.

Manufacturing finished product in your country for local or regional distribution requires approximately the same amount of capital as establishing a distribution system with adequate inventory. As a result it is far more beneficial to apply the expense and efforts required to establish new accounts towards a franchised manufacturing program, rather than to the resale of finished product. If you begin as a distributor, all finished product and marketing materials must be shipped in containers.

Shipping entails risk of damage and theft, and is not cost-effective due to the high freight cost for shipping finished product combined with existing import duties on consumer products as high as 100%. Avoiding these import duties and taxes by producing locally saves a great deal of money and provides a competitive edge against other imported paints and finishes, along with a local identity. Weather Bos™ will be a new, sought-after alternative to whichever local or imported products are currently available in your domestic market, regardless of their cost.

Manufacturing allows you to produce the finished products as needed, rather than maintaining a large inventory of our complete product line. When simply stocking finished product the balance of sales orders rarely matches the stock, reducing sales while tying up capital in excess inventory. This makes manufacturing much less of a risk then simply distributing, for it allows you to produce finished product as it is ordered, rather than as a distributor having a constant imbalance of inventory sitting in your warehouse.

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