Participation in a Joint Venture

A joint venture combines the advanced technology and support of Weather Bos™ International, a growth-oriented company, with a local entity having the regional expertise and available capital to establish Weather Bos™ distribution through the sale of manufacturing rights or franchises within a specific region.

Weather Bos™ International Provides:

Decades of intensive research and development resulting in an exceptional line of environmentally safe, nontoxic products for all types of surfaces.

Total set up support of our unique miniaturization technology providing easy manufacturing, storage, packing and shipping.

Complete technical training and support in the proper preparation and application procedures for our complete product line.

Years of continually refining our advertising strategy into a cohesive marketing plan, allowing high visibility and easy entry into new markets utilizing already proven programs.

Residual data base of satisfied customers spanning over three decades, along with a major presence on the World Wide Web, resulting in a broad access to the global consumer market.

Well-established access to an unrestricted, international source of raw materials.

Decades of hands on, successful field experience allowing us to give technical solutions in order to solve most problems relating to the protection of interior and exterior surfaces.

Close working relationship with the U.S. Department of Commerce, who provide market research, introductions to qualified customers from their extensive database, and much more.

Ongoing research utilizing new technology to update and maintain a continually expanding, environmentally safe product line.

Benefits to Joint Venture Party:

Weather Bos™ is unique in offering a complete line of environmentally safe coatings for most surfaces, ranging from wood to fiberglass, concrete and boat finishes, plus proven solutions for most customer concerns and problems.

Complete technical support from Weather Bos™ International provides the ability to quickly enter into your local market with a superior, high quality, environmentally safe product.

Our miniaturization technology allows for a high volume of production in a low cost facility, with adequate room for raw materials, production equipment and inventory.

Affordable start up equipment combined with minimum labor costs for new manufacturers provides unlimited profit and growth.

Selling manufacturing rights or franchises throughout your region allows you to generate continuous revenue through the perpetual supplying of all raw materials, containers and marketing supplies to each Weather-Bos™ franchised manufacturer.

Locally produced products may qualify for tax free zones, and will avoid duties and taxes on the importation of finished product.

All proceeds from above revenues are paid into a nontaxable bank account and shared equally.

Each manufacturing facility, including franchise fees, could return up to one million U.S. dollars net return in as little as two years.


A Joint Venture company would need to have adequate capital to research, locate and supply new licensed Weather Bos™ franchises throughout their market region.

For more information on Joint Venture, read about our
Licensed Manufacturing Franchise program:

Licensed Franchise Features

Building Requirements

Raw Materials Shipment Quantities

Return on Investment


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